Board of Heartbeat Victoria Council Inc.

Acting President

Peter is currently a Consultant and Director in Cornerstone Integral, a cooperative group of consultants helping companies to develop Organisational and Leadership Excellence. The company aims to provide a collective perspective shift that enables a future that is abundant, thriving and enduring for all individuals, organisations communities and the planet.

Prior to this he had over 33 years of management experience and 16 years of CEO and Directorship experience in stainless steel production, processing and distribution. He is authentic, passionate and inspirational, having a long proven track record in creating, organising and leading well-functioning, high performing, market leading businesses, delivering sustainable good financial performance, with a safe, energetic, engaged and stable workforce.

A disciplined professional with a positive attitude, Peter has earned the high respect of his industry peers. Peter possesses extensive global and Australian business experience in sales and marketing of stainless steel and metals processing and is experienced in successfully implementing project management and change management programs.

He is a natural visionary leader with strong interpersonal skills and believes in empowering people to perform “better than their best” by being fair, compassionate, understanding, honest and supportive.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

I lost both my grandparents who passed away very early in their life to heart disease and never got to meet them.

Heartbeat’s vision and purpose resonates with me and its values are well aligned with mine. I want to utilise my knowledge and corporate experience to help all of Heartbeat’s members provide the best possible peer support to those who are living with a heart disease or heart condition.

Heartbeat’s vision to be “an excellent and well recognised peer support organisation” is something that I am passionate, committed, and dedicated to achieve and maintain for Heartbeat. I am really looking forward to making a positive contribution working with the Board and meeting as many of our dedicated members by attending branch meetings.

I am also here because the most rewarding and inspiring thing about my association with Heartbeat for me are its members and what they do. What they are giving back to the community is amazing and priceless. I want to support them and do the same, and I feel privileged to be part of it.

Heartbeat Victoria Board Secretary

Board Secretary

Louise has been providing legal administrative support for over 40 years.  For the last decade in her role as Client Manager of Thoughtpost Governance, a board advisory consultancy, she has gained a strong knowledge of governance and strategic planning.  She has project managed and coordinated numerous board performance reviews and board governance workshops for not for profit, private and public sector organisations from a variety of industries.  Through her business, My Distant Assistant, Louise also advises businesses on how to establish efficient and effective office systems.

Louise has a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University.  She is currently Acting President/Secretary of Heartbeat Victoria Sunbury Branch and a member of the Sunranges Business Collective, Sunbury Business Association, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Women in Business.  In her spare time she likes growing vegetables, cooking, playing the piano and keeping fit.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

Many people in the community are unaware that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. I want to assist in saving more lives and improve the heart health of all Australians and in particular support people living with a heart condition. With assistance and education from an organisation such as Heartbeat Victoria, I want to help people improve their quality of life and wellbeing.


Chris is an experienced finance and management executive. She is currently working for the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC), which is responsible for administering Australia’s trade remedies systems. She also has over 20 years’ banking experience with her last role as Director, Project Finance at National Australia Bank where she managed a significant portfolio of public, infrastructure assets.

She has been involved in non for profit work for a long time including some 13 years as a volunteer at FareShare, which operates Australia’s largest charity kitchen. She has previously volunteered for the Red Cross and the Asylum Seeker Resource Center.

She loves trying new recipes, travel and learning French and Italian.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

My father suffered his first heart attack at the age of 37 and underwent many major cardiac surgeries throughout his life. Both my grandfathers and 2 uncles also died of heart attacks.

My family migrated to Australia soon after my father’s first attack and my mother, without any other direct family support, had to care for my father during his cardiac operations as well as managing a family and working full-time. I am quite conscious of the physical and emotional toll of cardiac-related issues on the individual concerned and their families and wish to make a difference to peoples’ quality of life, post any cardiac issues.

Board Member

Robyn Fennell recently retired from her Nursing career with fifty years’ experience in many areas of the Health Care Sector, including management and training.

Robyn is a veteran in many voluntary community activities and currently continues in this role with her work with Heartbeat Victoria.

In 1999, Robyn was awarded Tatura’s Australia Day “Citizen of the Year Award” and the Heart Foundation Victoria “Presidents Award” in 2013.

Robyn is the first Consumer Representative appointed in 2018 to the Heart Foundation’s Cardiovascular Health Advisory Committee.

With a young family of four in 1980, Robyn’s husband required open heart surgery. It was a natural fit in 1986 to become an inaugural member of Heartbeat Goulburn Valley Branch. Robyn has remained continuously involved with Heartbeat peer support and the HBVC Board of Management.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

It is gratifying to be part of a dedicated team of Heartbeat Volunteers operating heart peer support groups throughout Victoria. The focus is on motivating and empowering those with heart disease or heart conditions, family and carers with support and activities that enhance individual positive health and wellness outcomes.

I value the opportunity to take part in activities to raise awareness about the importance and management of heart disease and its risk factors in our local communities.

I understand the importance of listening to our consumers and other stakeholders in our efforts to fight heart disease, improve services and outcomes for patients and carers.

Board Member

Meredith Crowe is an Organisational Development Consultant at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She describes her work as “the people stuff”, assessing organisational and team needs, and designing programs and materials to support development. She manages initiatives in relation to change management, leadership development and cultural change, and has a keen focus on measuring outcomes in this space.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

Working in healthcare, I am incredibly interested in prevention interventions and believe they should be an integral part of any health strategy. I believe the first step to nudge our communities towards a preventative mindset to illnesses such as heart disease is to raise awareness of the realities of the disease. I fully appreciate the value of peer support, and of enabling and encouraging people to help themselves and each other. Patients starting a health journey can easily become oversaturated with information and peer support for them and their families to help them navigate the resources are available, and contextualise their own experience is invaluable.

Board Member

Lynda has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Markets, Funds Management, Financial Planning and Compliance and initially was located in the London working for Midland Bank and ANZ Bank. In Australia, Lynda has worked for Citibank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Colonial Mutual Life, ANZ Funds Management, Suncorp Bank, HBOS Australia, BankWest and Morrows Private Wealth. Most of Lynda’s career involved middle management roles dealing in financial market products, managing fixed interest portfolios for superannuation funds, financial planning portfolio for large private clients and regulatory compliance management in financial planning.

Lynda recently retired and is currently President of an eastern suburbs Combined Probus Club, as well as leading the Club’s investment Group. She tutors English to migrants on a volunteer basis and offers her time to help people with drug addiction and relationship problems. In her spare time Lynda is keen to stay healthy and fit so most mornings you will find her either at the gym, walking or swimming. Lynda also plays bridge, loves to travel and is learning Italian.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

Heart disease is a silent killer. Often people receive no warning before a life threatening event occurs. I’m keen to make a difference to help people understand that maintaining a healthy heart is easier than they think. Lifestyle changes can make all the difference and there is wonderful support available from organisations like Heartbeat Victoria.

Alan Hutchison Heartbeat Victoria Board Member

Board Member

Alan has enjoyed a long and successful career in educational administration and leadership, most recently as head of a large secondary school in the independent sector. Since retiring from that role in 2018, he now spends much of his working time writing and editing for a diverse range of company websites, both in Australia and globally.

Alan is a Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders and was for several years the Victorian President of ACEL and a national Board Member. In 2001 he became a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, now the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

While most of Alan’s writing and editing is paid work, he also volunteers his time to assist with publications of not-for-profit organisations. His doctoral research degree in the area of public policy analysis and evaluation equips him well for researching and report writing.

Alan is an accredited professional mediator, in the areas of workplace and community dispute resolution, and a member of the Victorian Association for Dispute Resolution.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

I am a strong believer in the transformative power of high-quality peer support, particularly in managing life with a chronic health condition. I love contributing in whatever small way I can to the vitally important goals of building heart health awareness, fund-raising and friend-raising for hospital cardiac wards, and the provision of practical support for people living with a heart condition and their families. It is a privilege to be part of the Heartbeat Victoria team, alongside the other dedicated Board members and all of the hard-working branch and affiliate volunteers, who all do so much to achieve the objectives of this amazing organisation. It’s great that we also manage to have lots of fun and so many enjoyable times along the journey.

Board Member

Robin has worked in a number of senior roles in government programs including occupational health and safety, workers compensation, prisons and community corrections, vocational educational and health insurance. She is a generalist with expertise in strategic planning, financial management and reporting, policy development, research, and review of complex programs. Whilst now retired she has a continuing passion for improving the quality and level of services for the community and in particular health and wellbeing.

Robin holds Bachelor and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Melbourne, in education, business administration and criminology. She has also periodically participated in volunteer roles including school council elected roles, community food collection and is currently on the management committee of a Victorian musical association.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

In my current role as a carer to my husband I have a strong interest in improving information and support for those living with chronic illnesses. I am passionate about joining Heartbeat as heart related conditions impact such a large proportion of the community. Much is still needed to be done to improve community understanding of the prevalence of the problem, the general understanding of those living with the condition and those who care for them of what works best, where help is, and how to make changes that benefit health and wellbeing.

Georgie Heartbeat Victoria Board Member

Board Member

Georgie is Head of Administration at Baumgartners, Accountants in Kew. She has extensive administrative experience and with accomplished project and organisational skills, consistently produces results for improving processes and firm operations.

Leading a team of enthusiastic and dedicated administrators she is keen to provide opportunities and growth to support advancement. Previously working as the Finance and Operations Manager in a consulting firm, she has more than 30 years’ experience in professional services and industry in an operational and executive administration capacity. Georgie is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

What do you find most rewarding about your association with Heartbeat Victoria?

Heart disease is silent and the single largest killer of Australians each year. With a family history of heart problems and a mother who died from a heart disease at a young age, working with an organisation that provides support and knowledge to people with cardiac health issues is both a privilege and rewarding.

Being part of a team of dedicated members willing to support, educate and connect cardiac sufferers to improve their quality of life, is both inspiring and humbling.